Format: CD
Label: AMVN
Rel. Date: 08/06/2021
UPC: 888140001121

Beneath The Gentle Smile
Artist: Undeciphered
Format: CD


1. Playing Gas Chambers
2. Convincing Rehabilitation
3. The Craving
4. Making a Doll Out of Human Being
5. Talk to Her or Her Head on a Stick ?
6. Headless and No Personality
7. Beneath the Gentle Smile
8. Flaunting Invisibility
9. A Friendly Nuisance
10. Of Regrets and Humiliation

More Info:

Through everything from pummeling speed to haunting, knuckle-dragging riffs and inhuman gurgles, Undeciphered shows that real monsters exist, and they live among us with kind mannerisms and polite smiles. Bear witness to the mind of a tortured man behind his gentle smile the tragic story of American serial killer Ed Kemper.