Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/11/2022
UPC: 889466262012

Mourning Noise (Purple) [Colored Vinyl] (Purp)
Artist: Mourning Noise
Format: Vinyl


1. Dawn of the Dead
2. Fighting Chance
3. Laser Lights
4. Demon Eyes
5. Addiction
6. Blue Moon Studios - Demo
7. Monster Madness
8. Vincent's Theme
9. Underground Zero
10. Nestle Baby Killer
11. Death in a White Cloud
12. Crimson Carrie
13. Mr. Surveillance
14. Progress for the People
15. Monster Madness
16. Murder Machine
17. Empty Grave
18. Vincent's Theme
19. Underground Zero
20. Barbarian Hunt
21. Batman
22. Monster Madness (Version 2)
23. Foolish Grief

More Info:

Vintage hardcore punk rock from longtime member of Danzig and formerly of Samhain, Steve Zing!Includes the group's compete collection of studio recordings including outtakes plus a special live performance at the legendary WFMU studio!Features the full endorsement and introductory blurb from Glenn Danzig!Now available on PURPLE vinyl!