Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/08/2022
UPC: 889466279812

Total Terror Part Ii 1986/87 - Purple Marble
Artist: Front Line Assembly
Format: Vinyl


1. LP1 Assassination
2. Intensive Care Unit
3. Immobilized
4. They're Going to Kill Us
5. Stimulant Combat
6. Hatred By Society
7. LP2 Intruder
8. Face Puller
9. A.E.C. Krunch
10. Cro-Magnon
11. Guilty
12. Attack Decay
13. The Bonening

More Info:

The second half of the earliest known recordings from FLA mastermind Bill Leeb, released for the first time on vinyl!Includes production work from Leeb's longtime partner in crime, Rhys Youth Fulber!Fully remastered by Die Krupps' Jürgen Engler!Gorgeous PURPLE MARLBE vinyl!