Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/23/2022
UPC: 889466305115

Songs From The Pale Eclipse - Red [Colored Vinyl] (Red)
Artist: Warlocks
Format: Vinyl


1. Only You
2. Lonesome Bulldog
3. Easy to Forget
4. Dance Alone
5. We Took All the Acid
6. Love Is a Disease
7. Drinking Song
8. Special Today
9. I Warned You
10. The Arp Made Me Cry

More Info:

The mesmerizing 2016 studio album from L.A.'s premiere psych rock band, The Warlocks, offers some of founder/vocalist Bobby Hecksher's most captivating compositions in years! Features the hypnotic "Lonesome Bulldog," plus the subtly seductive album opener "Only You," and a woozy ode to alcohol in "Drinking Song!" Spin magazine praised "Lonesome Bulldog" for it's "distant, drowning percussion and jangling guitar interludes!"