Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/30/2022
UPC: 889466314315

Back - Black/Gold Splatter (Blk) [Colored Vinyl] (Gol)
Artist: Ohio Players
Format: Vinyl


1. Get 2 the Good Part
2. Sweat
3. From Now on (Let's Play)
4. Show Off
5. Just to Show My Love
6. I'm Madd!
7. Vibe Alive
8. Rock the House
9. Just a Minute
10. Reputation
11. Try

More Info:

The spectacular 1988 album that was the swan song of this incredibly influential funk/soul outfit, Ohio Players!Featuring a more modern urban/hip hop sound, the album remains a fitting finale with such stellar gems as "Sweat," "Vibe Alive," "I'm Madd" and more!Packaged with fully art reproductions with complete lyrics!Limited edition SPLATTER vinyl pressing!