Josh Freese - Notrious One Man Orgy - Blue (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] [Reissue]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/08/2024
UPC: 889466494819

Notrious One Man Orgy - Blue (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] [Reissue]
Artist: Josh Freese
Format: Vinyl


1. Side A I Call You Everyday... I Kick Your Ass
2. Playboy Mansion
3. Rock N' Roll Chicken
4. Josh Freese Is Ready
5. Why Won't Left Eye Get with Me
6. Side B Men ; Women
7. Ass Backwards
8. Queen of the Gangsters
9. So All Under Me
10. Caffeine ; Vaseline
11. F-CK Mardi Gras

More Info:

Reissue of the first ever solo album from longtime drummer of The Vandals and current skin basher for Foo Fighters, Josh Freese! Originally released in 2000, this album showcases Freese's trademark humor and deft musicality (he performed all of the instruments), all wrapped up with a heavy dose of fun!