Ministry - Ultimate Rarest Trax! 1981-1983 [Colored Vinyl] (Wht)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/17/2024
UPC: 889466531019

Ultimate Rarest Trax! 1981-1983 [Colored Vinyl] (Wht)
Artist: Ministry
Format: Vinyl


1. LP1 Side A
2. She's Got a Cause (Live 1981 - First Show)
3. I'm Falling (Live 1982)
4. Overkill (Live 1982)
5. Cold Life (Live 1982)
6. LP1 Side B
7. What He Say (Demo)
8. Here We Go (Demo)
9. Say You're Sorry (Demo)
10. Revenge (Live 1983)
11. LP2 Side A
12. Hardman (Live 1983)
13. Anything for You (Original 4-Track Demo)
14. Work for Love (1982 Demo)
15. I Wanted to Tell Her (1982 Demo)
16. LP2 Side B
17. She's Got a Cause (1982 Demo)
18. Revenge (1982 Demo)
19. I'll Do Anything for You
20. Where Are You at Now?

More Info:

Newly discovered vintage live recordings and unreleased studio tracks from synth-pop turned industrial metal icons Ministry!Includes a snapshot of Al Jourgensen and the band performing their first ever live show, plus raw demos, alternate mixes and recordings - some of which are appearing here for the first time anywhere!