Black Oak Arkansas - Jim Dandy To The Rescue (Box) [With Booklet]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/15/2024
UPC: 889466540127

Jim Dandy To The Rescue (Box) [With Booklet]
Artist: Black Oak Arkansas
Format: CD


1. Disc 1: X-Rated
2. Bump N' Grind
3. Fightin' Cocks
4. Highway Pirate
5. Strong Enough to Be Gentle
6. Flesh Needs Flesh
7. Wild Men from the Mountains
8. High Flyer
9. Ace in the Hole
10. Too Hot to Stop
11. Disc 2: Live! Reading 1976 Hot Rod
12. Rock N' Roll
13. Great Balls of Fire
14. Jim Dandy (To the Rescue)
15. Hot ; Nasty
16. Fistful of Love
17. Maybe I'm Amazed
18. Love on Ice
19. When the Band Was Shakin' All Over
20. Lord Have Mercy on My Soul
21. Keep the Faith
22. Disc 3: Race with the Devil Race with the Devil
23. Freedom
24. One Night Stand
25. Daisy
26. Rainbow
27. Feels So Good
28. Stand By Your Own Kind
29. Not Fade Away
30. Disc 4: I'd Rather Be Sailing I'll Take Care of You
31. You Keep Me Waiting
32. Ride with Me
33. Made of Stone
34. You Can Count on Me (I'll Be There)
35. God Bless the Children
36. Innocent Eyes
37. Daydreams
38. Wind in Our Sails
39. Disc 5: Ready As Hell Ready As Hell
40. Here Comes the Wind
41. The Liberty Rebellion
42. Don't Tempt the Devil
43. Get Ahead of Your Time
44. Black Cat Woman
45. Rude and Crude
46. Space Cadet
47. Fascination Alley
48. Denouncement
49. Disc 6: The Black Attack Is Back Long Distance Runner
50. I'm on Your Side
51. The Black Attack Is Back
52. Body Slam
53. You Can't Keep a Good Band Down
54. The Wanderer
55. I Don't Want Much Out of Life
56. Angel
57. I Need More Love
58. (I Want a Woman with) Big Titties
59. Disc 7: Rebound Nobody Wins in a War
60. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog
61. Desperado
62. If You're Looking for Trouble
63. Travelin' Mode
64. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

More Info:

A supersized helping of rowdy, raunchy Southern-style rock from American icons Jim Dandy and Black Oak Arkansas! Features 7 albums including ones from the band's highly underrated mid-late '70s period - X-Rated, Race With The Devil, I'd Rather Be Sailing - and beyond! Comes with 7 CDs each housed in their own sleeve with a 12-page booklet filled with insightful liner notes and rare photos!