Format: Vinyl
Label: LRK Records
Rel. Date: 05/19/2023
UPC: 8904383007446

Get It Right
Artist: Claire Davis
Format: Vinyl


1. Get It Right
2. Get Mine
3. Long Gone
4. Intuition
5. Love Stories
6. Good for You
7. Set Myself Free
8. Times Have Changed
9. Here Comes the Fall
10. Colours

More Info:

Toronto-based retro-soul artist Claire Davis shares her journey of self-worth and love onher debut album 'Get it Right', out April 21st 2023, via LRK Records.This lively 10-track analog soul LP was recorded to an 8-track tape machine by engineerBraden Sauder in a converted garage- studio in Toronto, owned by the renowned instrumentaljazz/hip-hop group, BADBADNOTGOOD. Featuring some of the city's top-flight musicians inthe R&B/Soul scene, the album was laid down live-off-the-floor in one week during the winter of2022.Davis shares, 'My heart really lies in live performance so I wanted to recreate that experienceas much as possible for this record by having the musicians all record together to tape. I feellike I personally thrive under the limitations that tape gives you; it offers the opportunity tocapture a vibe of a performance more so than chasing perfection. Knowing that my favoritesoul records were recorded this way gives me an even deeper appreciation for the skill andtalent involved in this process.'