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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/29/2021
UPC: 894232730220

Dynamic Children's Songs For A New Generation / Va
Artist: Dynamic Children's Songs For A New Generation / Va
Format: CD


1. The Sturgeon General -Do Tha 6Ix
2. Mac ; Cheez- I Love Pasta (MMM MMM Good)
3. Kids on Karbs - I'm a Big Kid Now
4. Eat'm Ups - It's Snack Time (Yum Yum Eat 'Em Up)
5. Yasi K - Yasi Loves Legos
6. The Jelly Beans - I'm a Jelly Bean (Yummy in Your Tummy)
7. Da Duck 5 - Do Da Duck
8. The Time-Out Crew- Penguins in the Sky (Dio Extended Mix)
9. Baz Oohka - 'm Blowing Up (The Bubble Gum Song)
10. The Lolly Pops - Lollipop (I'm Licking Good)
11. Sam Song - I Phone (My Phone)
12. Kids on Karbs - A.P.P.L.E
13. The Time-Out Crew - Rainbows
14. The Jelly Beans - Happy Birthday to You (The Birthday Song)

More Info:

Fourteen up-tempo and incredibly fun tunes the kiddos will go absolutely bonkers for are featured on this generous set of hip and original hip selections specifically tailored for today's generation of children. All these fresh, new jams have been kid-tested and are 100% guaranteed to get their attention and keep it!