Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/25/2022
UPC: 894232782922

Single And Ready To Mingle (Mod)
Artist: Disco People
Format: CD

More Info:

There is a new, modern day collaborative in the recording studios of Miami simply known as "Disco People" because there is no better descriptor of the sounds that have been emitting from their audio laboratories. Described by devotees of their sound as a High-NRG campy throwback to the late 1970s sound of summer that was prominent in the classic disco clubs - when sexuality was a matter of choice, and a new rainbow coalition was forming around the pulsating rhythms of the infectious music that spread like wildfire around the globe. In these uncertain times, Disco People are on a singular mission to bring back intimacy, freedom of expression, and an unwavering commitment to get back on the dancefloors and shake our collective booty. Disco People are single and ready to mingle... if you are too, then these 16 tracks will definitely put you in the mood to get out there and move.