Brahms / Chopin / Eggertsberger - Spatlese


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/12/2024
UPC: 9003643993037

Artist: Brahms / Chopin / Eggertsberger
Format: CD


1. Fantasia in C minor, K. 475 [11:12]
2. I. Molto Allegro [08:19]
3. II. Adagio [07:47]
4. III. Allegro Assai [04:36]
5. No. 1 in E-Flat Major [04:40]
6. No. 2 in B-Flat minor [03:55]
7. No. 3 in C-Sharp minor [04:59]
8. I. Allegro Maestoso [12:38]
9. II. Scherzo: Molto Vivace [02:40]
10. III. Largo [08:02]
11. IV. Finale: Presto Non Tanto [05:30

More Info:

The pianist Andreas Eggertsberger, who studied in Austria and the USA with Karl Heinz Kämmerling and Oleg Maisenberg, among others, deals with the late works of three composers on his new album "Spätlese" (Late Harvest): Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms and Frédéric Chopin. Whether a work is considered a late work has less to do with the composer's age and more to do with where the breaking points and further developments are in a composer's oeuvre. Some of the three selected masters were still young when they entered their late phase: Mozart was in his late twenties when he composed his Fantasia K. 475 and Sonata in C minor K. 457, Chopin was thirty-four when he composed his third and final Sonata in B minor, and Brahms was fifty-nine when he composed his Three Intermezzi Op. 117. Many a future is anticipated. Mozart, for example, builds a bridge to Beethoven with his Fantasy and Sonata in C minor. Chopin, on the other hand, takes a look at late Romanticism and beyond with his increasingly bold harmonies, and Brahms foreshadows musical developments that would only become influential in the 20th century.