Brahms / Mayeda - Violin Sonatas


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 02/16/2024
UPC: 9003643993129

Violin Sonatas
Artist: Brahms / Mayeda
Format: CD

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The fact that an accomplished violinist can also play the piano with equal virtuosity and artistic perfection suggests an extraordinary musical talent. Tomoko Mayeda's recording of Mozart's late Viennese violin sonatas already revealed that this is true in her case. On this album, the Japanese artist now presents in a unique way the three violin sonatas by Johannes Brahms by first recording the entire piano part and then adding the violin part in a second recording session. Brahms described his violin sonatas as "Sonatas for Piano and Violin" - himself as an extremely virtuoso pianist being aware of the difficulty and prominent position of the piano part. With this release, Tomoko Mayeda once again demonstrates her extraordinary dual talent.