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Format: CD
Label: KAIR
Rel. Date: 04/23/2021
UPC: 9120010280924

Toshio Hosokawa: Works For Flute
Artist: Yoshie Ueno / Miyata,Mayumi / Nakagawa,Ken'ichi
Format: CD


1. Sen I (1984) for Flute
2. Birds Fragments III (1990) for Bass Flute, Piccolo and SHO
3. Vertical Song I (1995) for Flute
4. Atem-Lied (1997) for Bass Flute
5. Lied (2007) for Flute and Piano
6. Kuroda-Bushi (2004) for Alto Flute

More Info:

"For me, the flute is the instrument which can most deeply realize my musical ideal. The flute can produce a sound by means of the breath, and can be a vehicle by which the breath transmits the sound's life-power" (Hosokawa). The six flute compositions on this CD, rendered impressively and with intense devotion by Yoshie Ueno, each show a way of experiencing the music intended by Hosokawa.