Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/18/2021
UPC: 9120010280931

Jose Luis Hurtado: Parametrical Counterpoint

1. The Caged, the Immured (2018) for Piano
2. Retour (2013)
3. Parametrical Counterpoint Version 1 (2015)
4. Parametrical Counterpoint Version 2 (2015)
5. Incandescent (2015)
6. Parametrical Counterpoint Version 3 (2015)
7. Parametrical Counterpoint Verison 4 (2015)
8. Le Stelle (2015)

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"In my sound world, music is not created, but discovered. The environment is explored, the space is palpated, the details are observed, and the object is experienced from different angles so that, gradually, it's physiognomy is exhibited. Like an alchemist who values, evaluates, and carefully calculates his materials to make them react, my intention is to create kaleidoscopes of sounds, effervescent objects, always alive, always changing, with unique and unrepeatable gestures, full of energy, and impenetrable density." (José-Luis Hurtado) This album combines solo piano works with ensemble pieces of various nature and gives the listener a chance to explore Hurtado's artistic world, exquisitely performed by the renowned Talea Ensemble and the composer himself