Riding The Bullet - Riding The Bullet / (Aus)


Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 02/23/2024
UPC: 9337369037080

Riding The Bullet / (Aus)
Artist: Riding The Bullet
Format: Blu-Ray

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Alan embarks on a 100-mile hitchhike to see his mother in the hospital. Along the way he must confront his many demons-both living and dead-and in the end make the ultimate choice that will mean life or death for him and his mother!Special Features:1080p high-definition presentationAudio commentary by writer / director Mick GarrisAudio commentary by writer / director Mick Garris, producer Joel T. Smith, actor Jonathan Jackson, director of photography Robert New, special FX supervisors Greg Nicotero, and Howard BergerShooting the Bullet: Vintage Featurettes - David Arquette's Makeup, Alan's Artwork, The Picture Cars, A Cemetery Shoot, The Fury Crash, Thrill Village, and Drawing the Bullet: A Scene-to-Storyboard ComparisonArtwork GalleryTheatrical Trailer