Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/07/2023
UPC: 934334410573

Now Sound Of Nashville / Various (Gate) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Now Sound Of Nashville / Various (Gate) (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl


1. Gil Trythall - Folsom Prison Blues
2. Kenny Rogers ; the First Edition - Just Dropped in (To See What Condition My Condition Was in)
3. Willie Nelson - It Will Come to Pass
4. Rex Allen Jr. - I Back Up
5. Waylon Jennings and the Kimberlys - MacArthur Park
6. Glen Patterson - Unwanted Babies
7. Henson Cargill - This Generation Shall Not Pass
8. Ray 'Wong' Riley - Happy Valley Cia
9. Henson Cargill - What's My Name?
10. Tom T. Hall - One Hundred Children
11. Porter Wagoner - George Leroy Chickashea
12. Roy Acuff Jr. - (Somebody's Warping Your Mind) I Wish It Were Me
13. Duane ; Miriam Eddy - Guitar on My Mind
14. Johnny Darrell - Trouble Maker
15. Roy Junior - Victim of Circumstances
16. Pete Drake - Lay Lady Lay

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From the people who brought you Hillbillies In Hell... Sitars, Fuzz Guitars and LSD sugar cubes... a Lysergic collection of Forgotten Nashville. Hayseed Moog Hoedowns, Psyche Teen Meltdowns and Wild Weed Compounds. All cut on Music Row by serious Nashville players in comfortable suits. Eight Miles Higher than a Haystack - you'll witness melting, Dali-esque cakes, Apocalyptic Flower Power driven by banjos and fiddles, Floating Bongo Lullabies and Crazed Nashville Knock-Off Ersatz Exploitations. Something was in the water... and Music City USA record executives were happy to drink it. Gongs crashed, mandolins soared and for a short time Nashville studios cranked out Arresting Angst-Ridden Backwoods Anthems, Reverberant Redneck Reincarnation Revelations and Acid-Laced Hillbilly Protest Folk. Some velvet morning... a long, long ago - Country Music met the Long-Haired Wastrels by the river and birthed these 16 Transcendent Hillbilly Nuggets. Years in the making - 'The Now Sound Of Nashville' turns on, tunes in and drops out to that brief Ergot Reign when Pedal Steel met Psyche Out and the Hayseeds went Hallucinogenic. All for your therapeutic listening pleasure