Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/11/2022
UPC: 9346948020412

Of Skins & Heart: Acoustic Sessions Vol 1 (Aus)
Artist: Steve Kilbey
Format: CD


1. For a Moment We're Strangers
2. Chrome Injury
3. The Unguarded Moment
4. Memories in Future Tense
5. Bel-Air
6. Is This Where You Live
7. She Never Said
8. Sisters
9. Tear It All Away
10. Don't Open the Door to Strangers

More Info:

The first in a serious of acoustic reworkings of classic Church albums. Of Skins And Heart was The Church's 1981 debut, and featured the band's first majot hit "The Unguarded Moment". Steve Kilbey has reimagined the album for the 2020's as a predominantly acoustic album. Steve's unadorned guitar and vocals grab the listener from the outset and never let go until the final ringing notes of "Don't Open The Door To Strangers". These are brilliant performances of classic songs from a truly amazing songwriter.