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Format: Special Product
Label: WETA
Rel. Date: 04/12/2021
UPC: 9420024713310

WETA Workshop - Lord Of The Rings - White Tree of Gondor (Magnet)
Artist: Other
Format: Special Product

More Info:


The White tree of Gondor stood as a symbol of Gondor in the Court of the Fountain in Minas Tirith. The White Tree motif appears throughout Gondor's heraldry combined with the seven stars of the House of Elendil.

Designed by the artists at Weta who worked on The Lord of the Rings, it forms part of our range of collectible magnets from Weta.

A range with a practical twist - an opportunity to arrange your favourite keepsakes from Middle-earth wherever you can find a magnetic surface.

This magnet is made from plastic with a rare earth magnet on the back.

Product Details

  • Ages 14-99
  • Country of origin: China