Pat Cadigan - Ultraman (Ppbk)


Format: Book
Rel. Date: 06/11/2024
UPC: 9781803362441

Ultraman (Ppbk)
Artist: Pat Cadigan
Format: Book

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A modern adaptation of the hit 1960s series Ultraseven, bringing the foundational era of the iconic Japanese superhero to established fans and newcomers alike.

In the not-too-distant future, Earth is besieged by aliens. However, the mysterious Dan Moroboshi comes to the defense of humanity, transforming into his true form-the towering Ultraseven-when the planet is endangered. Alongside his allies, the six elite soldiers of the Terrestrial Defense Force, Ultraseven will give everything he has to stop the myriad of foes who are prepared to bring ruin and destruction to the people of Earth.

Adapting the classic and genre-defining series Ultraseven in the ever popular Ultraman mega-saga, Hugo and Scribe award-winning author Pat Cadigan brings a fresh take to the iconic and action-packed adventures of Earth's monster-battling savior.

About the Author:

Pat Cadigan is a science fiction, fantasy and horror writer, three-time winner of the Locus Award, twice winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and one-time winner of the Hugo Award. She wrote the novelization of Alita: Battle Angel, and a prequel novel to the highly anticipated film, Iron City. She also wrote Lost in Space: Promised Land, novelizations of two episodes of The Twilight Zone, the Cellular novelization, and the novelization and sequel to Jason X.

  • Series: Ultraman
  • Trade Paperback: 320 pages
  • Fiction / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure / Space Opera / Superheroes