Format: Book
Label: White Star Publisher
Rel. Date: 03/15/2022
UPC: 9788854416321

Speeches That Changed Our Times (Hcvr)
Artist: Carlo Bata
Format: Book

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This collection of 38 speeches makes it possible for the reader to grasp a deeper understanding of the post-World II period, to appreciate the prophetic words, and to emulate the example of those who spoke them. The great speeches since post-World War II to the present have interpreted the sentiments of a world in continuous evolution. This book contains moving speeches with a great emotional impact, words that have changed the course of history such as Martin Luther King's "dream", "Churchill's "iron curtain", Pope John XXIII's "caress", and Obama's "new beginning." Speeches That Changed Our Times include the words of not only statespeople, but also scientists, literary figures, entrepreneurs, and courageous girls like Malala who ask that the new generations may be guaranteed the right to education.